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Two years ago I announced on Serene I was done with Facebook.

At the time I wasn’t really getting much about of the world’s most popular Social Media site. I came to despite the games offered through Facebook because they were “Freemium Friend Spam” games. Freemium is the word Free and premium combined and basically means free to play but you have to pay with your wallet if you want better things faster. The Friend Spam part comes from the facy MOST of these same games–the growth Sims in particular–literally tell you to spam your friends’ profiles with game requests, etc. This, coupled with the fact although I personally knew 95% of the people on my friend list, NONE of those same friends (not including family) save one person (she knows who she is) made any effort to interact with me on Facebook.

I take the time to add you to my friends list and you pretend I don’t exist? I put up with that outside social media because it’s expected. I shouldn’t have to deal with that around people who obviously know me. I thought about just wiping my Friends List clean and starting fresh but I have 129 friends and honestly it would take me long than I care to commit in terms of time deciding who to keep and who to cut from the list. Most likely that’s a small list to most of you out there but I am super-picky in terms of who I friend with on FB. Unlike the others you’re just better and safer only friending people you know and/or trust.

Anyway, I will check my FB at the same rate I check my work related email: In the morning before going to work, when I get home from work and just before going to bed. I have the Facebook App on my iPod Touch (I have an android phone but I don’t want any social media Apps on it) as well as my Windows 8 Laptop. I always have both with me when I’m away from home. As many FB contacts saw last weekend I’ve taken a liking to uploading pics and videos. I will continue to do so when appropriate of things I come across.

As luck would have it, Anime Boston is JUST around the corner.


Speaking of aAnime Boston: The other news I wanna share is Anime Boston just posted THE COMPELETE SCHEDULE online.

I want to direct your attention to the schedules for Saturday and Sunday. Now that I see exactly WHERE the room Panel C is located I’m THRILLED: It’s next to the game room on the third floor!

Now that I know exaactly WHERE it is I will update the listings I have up both here and on Anime Boston’s forums accordingly. My other two panels at the Con will be on Sunday afternoon. Fanfiction: Because AU Can Be Fun starts at 11:30AM and goes for 90 minutes  in Workshop 313 (third floor) while Court Records will be in room 202 (second floor) at 1:30AM going 60 minutes.

Man, this is going to be one unforgetable upcoming weekend…



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