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I’m still mindblown over this tribute done by the New York Yankees on Tuesday:

I can’t even put it into words given I am aware of the blood feud between the Red Sox and the Yankees. I’ve got family who live in New York and we draw the line when it comes to sports teams. Very classy, New York. Very Classy.

I’m not gonna repeat stuff you can probably get from major news outlets. After all, of them are in Boston covering the investigation and beyond. Well, except for one thing: It’ll take ALOT more than the people or persons responsible are capable of to break the City of Boston. Folks have already started to get on with their lives, which is all you really can do.

As soon as the the area is reopened to the public I will go the UNOs on Bolystom St., which is a few doors from where the second bomb exploded. It’s my favorite restaurant on that end of Boylston St.  I also look forward to going to a Red Sox game when the team returns to Boston ^_^

The world is going to see what the people of Boston already know. We might get knocked down but we don’t stay down.


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