Boston Marathon Bombing Kills 3, Injures 144   Leave a comment

First off, I’m alright. I want to make sure I say that given I was downtown when the bombing happened. As soon as I figure out why the video I recorded earlier today on my iPod Touch did not upload properly I will embed it into this post.

I do want to say that despite what all the media outlets are saying there are no suspects at present and no terrorist groups domestic or overseas has claimed responsability. Also these are the only bombs that exploded. There were initial reports a bomb went off at the JFK Library but that was later proven false. Another initial report later disproven is that the boming was carried out by suicide bombers. This is not true.

For those who’ve never been to this part of Boston either during the Marathon or otherwise there is a Subway station at the finish line (Copley on the Green Line).  For security reasons it’s shut down the day of the marathon both ways and security is tightened at the adjacent stations (Arlington, Prudential and Hynes/ICA) as well as nearby Back Bay Station (Orange, Commuter Rail and Amtrak).

The silver lining is luckily this happened AT the finish line AND in Boston. In case you forgot four of the best hospitals in America are in Boston: Tufts Medical Center, Mass General, Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center. There’s little arguement their overall proximity to the site of the bombings as well as the medical staff already at the finish line were the main reasons the death toll was so low. Not trivializing the fact that lives were lost but all things considered first responders were already in place because of the marathon.

This is Boston. The city will be back in the swing of things by the end of the week. There are a few restaurants and shops I frequent on that section of Boylston St. I look forward to visiting them sometime soon.

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