I just got an iPod Touch (4th Gen) this weekend   Leave a comment

I feel like a sellout personally.

I LOVED the Zune HD but Microsoft discontinued it in favor of the Windows Phone. A shame given Apple now monopolizes the MP3 Player market. The Microsoft Surface has been selling well and I’m hopeful they will reintroduce the Zune HD in the near future.

To those with an iPhone who’ve never seen/used an iPod Touch, it does everything an iPhone can except make phone calls. I actually had a 2nd Gen iPod Touch (16GB) for two weeks but bought the 4th Gen (32GB) this past friday so that I could watch Netflix on it. It also helps the 4th Gen’s Wi-Fi Connection is WAY stronger than the 2nd Gen. Speaking of which, I gave my 2nd Gen to my mother as an early birthday present (her birthday’s next month). The Zune HD’s Wi-Fi Connection wasn’t all that impressive either (just like the PSP and PSP Go) sadly though from what I’ve seen so far the 4th Gen’s Wi-Fi is as powerful as my Xbox 360 and Nintendo Handhelds. It’s sure to come in handy at Anime Boston next month!

For those wondering why I didn’t get an iPhone, I’m getting a Windows Phone in June. I’m holding off buying anything over $50 until after Anime Boston (for I want to make sure I have a certain amount of Spending Money for the Dealers’ Room) so…yeah. Speaking of which: Buying the iPod Touch left me broke through my week off. If you’d like to spot me some cash, use the PayPal Button. No PayPal account needed on your end.

Almost forgot: Here is the list of some of the Apps I’ve installed I’m sure many of you would like to know I have:

  • Facebook (I only physically check it once every three months)
  • Twitter
  • You Tube
  • WordPress (I can now check comments, Likes, etc. without turning on my computer)
  • Netflix (goes without saying)
  • Google Earth
  • Google Maps
  • Various MBTA Apps (WOOT!)
  • Battle.net Mobile Authenticator

I learned my lesson from the Freemium Games I played to death on Facebook five years ago. All three of the games I installed are Freemium but since I know they’re working in real time I only check in on them once or twice a day at the most. By the way, Freemium means the game is free to play but you’re goinng to want to pay real money to succeed faster/sooner. For example in Megalopolis you’re prettymuch strong-armed into paying real money for virtual money to finish certain structures. The other option is to trade with someone but let’s be honest: You’re probably the only person on your friends’ list who plays these kinds of games regularly.

This is how these small, sometimes single-person Mobile App makers end up raking in millions overnight. They know folks will pay to get ahead so…yeah. $2 for 10k Coins in Virtual Families 2 may not sound lime much profit but multiply that by 100k people per hour per day and you get the idea. What actually bothers me more is the “Tell your friends about us!” pop-up everytime you do complete a task or level up. Those are the worst since they’re effectively telling you to spam your friends’ Facebook pages in exchange some free virtual currency/resources.

DON’T do it. Best case they block the App itself but worst case they de-friend you. With all of the updates that have happened since I regularly used FB it’s much easier to filter what people want to be exposed to while using Facebook. And yes I have experiemced both.

…Anywho, yeah I’m pretty satisfied with my new toy. I can fit all of my music on it like I could with my Zune HD as well. One thing I will NOT do is repurchase all the Movies and TV episodes I bought via Zune/Xbox Live via iTunes. For one many of Anime are no longer available on both iTunes and Zune/Xbox Live. The other is it costs more on iTunes both in money and in Disc Space.

Here’s an example: I bought Les Miserables (2012) from Xbox Live in HD for $12 and was 2.3GB in size on my Xbox and 1.7GB on my Computers. In comparison, iTunes sells Les Miserables (2012) in HD for $15 and is a whopping 5.45GB! Why pay more when the competition sells the same thing for less? Makes no sense. Now granted that extra 2.22GB on the iTunes version is because you’re getting a bunch of extras (which XBL has started offering at no additional cost) including a DVD menu. Having made DVDs myself I know that adds size the presentation. Most people just want to jump right into the movie so…yeah.

I’ll be honest in saying there are a few movies I will buy a second copy of (via iTunes). They’re all movies I either own a physical copy of or they’re worth being able to watch on the go and I won’t buy them in HD.

As for weather or not I’ve changed my opinion of Apple because of my purchase, my answer is no. My iPod Touch is just a means to an end. I needed a dedicated portable music player and having figured out how to use my PSP Go Music Playlists in iTunes it was a logical choice. Speaking of my PSP Go, nothing happened to it other than I wasn’t playing the games I bought from the Playstation Network since I’ve been using my PSP Go exclusively as a music player.

Whew…went on a bit of a tangent there. I have this week off from work but I’ll speak more to that in a separate blog post.


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