Deviant Art Nothing More Than an Image Hosting Site Now   Leave a comment

What really bothers me and several thousand artists who use the site every day is the Admins look the other way or just don’t care. I’m not just talking about subjective art submissions. I’m talking about a complete disregard for what the site is supposed to be by a rapidly growing number of people who use the site. For whose who don’t know, Deviant Art (henceforth it will be referred to as DA, its acronym) is an online art gallery that specializes in showcasing Art that deviates from what’s considered the  norm in a traditional art gallery. Hence the name Deviant Art.

Click the logo above to go straight there and see for yourself. A new window will open.

A growing number of experienced and novice artists who use the site as well as art critics are displeased by these decrepencies  in light of the new ventures they’ve been pursuing in the last 16 months. The interest in becoming recognized as a respectible online art community despite doing nothing to address the same issues people have raised over the years is the most disturbing.

The two biggest problems facing artists who use DA–and ultimately lead to them leaving the site–are plagiarism and submissions wrongfully reported and flagged for removal.

Don’t get me wrong, DA gives artists a platform to showcase their skills they likely wouldn’t get elsewhere. The best part is they can focus on their craft first and worry about how popular it could become second.

My problem is for too long DA has looked the other way when it comes to the issues raised above as well as people who use DA as an image hosting site. I’m not talking about legit artists/photographers who have a presence on DA to bring traffic/revenue to their business. I’m referring to people who use DA to share personal pictures as well as in most cases pornographic pictures. I’ll pause for a moment and say I am well aware that depending on where you are in the world, what is considered artistic nudity depends on who you ask. The overwhelming majority of what I have to sift through with the mature filter off (I don’t have a problem with artistic nudity obviously) is obviously meant to be pornographic in nature. I doubt any gallery would consider a close up of someone’s genitals art no matter how much it’s been photoshopped. Literally this is what people put on DA.

I will continue to use my blogs to hold sites like DA, and Facebook accountable as necessary. If they don’t want to tell the whole truth I have no problem shining a light into their dark alleys.

By the way: If you need an image hosting site use Photobucket or Image Shack.

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