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I’ll go into detail on each blog over the course of the week but as of today there is a PayPal button on all of my blogs. For the time being they’re there if you would like to provide financial support. That’s why they’re there overall. To repeat what I said in yesterday’s blog you DO NOT need a PayPal Account to send someone with a PayPal account money. This is a common assumption people who don’t like PayPal or just aren’t aware of have. When you click the button you will see the same screen you’d see if you clicked one of the donate buttons in the forums. I changed the link in the button code to direct folks there for the sake of convenience on the users’ part.

There’s no minimum. Just give what you can. Wait actually there are exceptions when it comes to my original work over at Aurabolt’s Fiction Press. I will be selling digital copies of my stories starting next month. More info on that will come tomorrow along with pricing for select stories. Aside fromt that it’s up to you. In case anyone’s wondering aside from goods or services offered for sale from time to time there will be no charge to continue using my blogs and forum. My reasons for adding the PayPal buttons are purely commercial to be blunt but unlike some sites I will not modify the site in ways to force people to pay to make use of the blogs.

When I have something for sale it will be announced in the blog the service or goods pertain to.

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