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More so given the You Tube Video I posted last night.

As I announced two months ago I suddenly closed my You Tube Account. This was true. What I didn’t tell you was that wasn’t my only You Tube Account. I have two. The other one I use with my online alias Victor Bravo, which has separate WordPress Blogs as well. Different names but same person and personality. I’m no Violentacres. I don’t play pretend. While it’s true I never talk about what I do with my other internet username here, around this time last year I came clean about the fact Brendan Aurabolt and Victor Bravo are the same person on several websites.

As for why I don’t talk about what I do as Victor Bravo, everyone has their vices. The problem–as I spelled out in that video–is unlike most people who use the internet when I record my videos I use my real face and voice. I don’t have the luxury of starting over under a new name. As such, when some folks decided to use my image to make personal attacks against me earlier this week in a series of You Tube videos let’s just say I was very pissed off and responded in kind with the video I did last night. To make a long story short things were resolved and as a direct result of this I am now free to reopen my You Tube Account.

Ironic given I originally planned to announce its return on today’s date! As I said in my other blog post I didn’t want to announce when it would return because at the time, deep down I knew it wasn’t over. Now that is is and I’ve put the whole mess behind me I can focus on other things. Like these blogs. And the videos. All 60 of them. I will only update the ones ambiguous to the passage of time. I already planned to redo a few of my earlier ones anyways so…yeah. The upload process begins this weekend. I expect it to take several hours but at the very least I should have 20 videos up by the end of the weekend.

I hope that you will continue to support me, read my blogs and once again watch my You Tube Videos.

~Brendan Aurabolt


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