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In the interests of not putting anyone in a bind I’ve decided to formally add a disclaimer to all of my WordPress Blogs. It’s set as a separate page and is appriately titled “Disclaimer”. As more and more people find their way to my blog I want to make sure that unless specifically referenced my viewpoints are not affiliated with any groups or organizations I am, used to be or may be affiliated with in the future. For example City Year and Boston Public Schools. Some of viewpoints I’ve expressed in recent postings on all of my blogs would easily be considered off-topic or contradictory with the vision or viewpoints of said organizations.

I’ve also got my own political aspirations to be mindful of as well so…yeah.

One other thing: I added a few Widgets to all five blogs to make following the blogs and sharing it a bit easier. More so if you have Twitter or Prefer Email updates. Not Facebook because I dom’t care for Facebook but I can tolerate Twitter. This blog now has the highest postcount of any other blog I’ve set up. I’ve finally gotten settled into a good weekly blogging schedule so more posts are to be expected!


Posted January 12, 2013 by brendan2k5 in Blog, News, Serene Adventure, Updates

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