Paging Dr. Derek Stiles to Boston   Leave a comment

Who but the Master Surgeon himself could combat the Flu Epidemic that’s hitting the city hard. As of this morning there are 700 people confirmed to have the flu in Boston area (The city has a population of about 4 million)  hospitals. As a result of this and 18 Flu-related deaths in Massachusetts (four in Boston), Boston’s Mayor Thomas Menino declared a state of emergency.

Speaking for myself I did get vaccinated last week at my annual physical during the winter break and obviously I am now very thankful I decided to get it. Technically it would be inaccurate to say the Flu Vaccine prevents you from getting the Flu. After all there are confirmed cases of people who’ve been vaccinated who’ve contracted the Flu anyway. What it does do is dramatically decrease the possability of your getting it, more so if like me you work in close proximity with alot of people.

By the way, Derek Stiles is a doctor in the video game series Trauma Center. In the two flagship games Under The Knife and Under The Knife 2 Dr. Stiles combats a biological weapon called G.U.I.L.T (Ganglated Utropin Immuno Latencvy Toxin), which across the two games has ten different strains (7 in the first game, three new kinds introduced in the second) which are all treated on the operating table. Derek uses the Healing a Touch, a Superhuman ability believed to be a blessing (and curse) from Asclepius, the Greek God of Medicine (To Clarify Hippocrates is the Greek God of Doctors and is the namesake of The Hippocratic Oath). The Healing Touch grants Dr. Stiles superhuman concentration, allowing him to perform life-saving procedures that would otherwise be impossible. In two particular operations time itself (the final in each game) time itself stops, allowing Derek to erradicate GUILT once and for all.

The reason I mentioned Derek Stiles specifically is because after losing his father at a young age to an incurable disase, he became a doctor to remove the word “incurable” from medical textbooks. Of course Influenza is treatable now but as the strain evolves we’re going to need to step up our game. H1N1 is just one of the known Flue Strains–called Super Bugs by medical experts–that is resistant to antibiotics. This is why if you get sick, do yourself and your workplace or school (if you are a student) a favor and stay home. In going to work/school you are putting others at risk.

It might bad timing to be out but in the long run you’re doing a public service ^_^


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