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Two weeks after posting the following text on my Facebook Page I’ve decided to make it clear given the concern raised by my mother an hour ago:

Just to remind y’all: Everything I put out will be through my WordPress Blogs or my You Tube Channel. Even though I don’t use FB anymore I can tell if anyone’s viewed, followed or commented on any of my blogs from FB. As of this week that number is ZERO. Assuming that remains unchanged through the 31st I will unlink my WordPress and FB Accounts. No point having them linked knowing no one from here is gonna read them, yes?

If it sounds like I’m angry and bitter about this I am. I’ve been going well out of my way since my time in City Year to prove to the world I’m not a socialpath. I may not have much of a social life but ALL of you know me. I’m sick and tired of having to be the one to reach out. I mean come on most of you know about my social disorders, let alone the damage done from not being acknowleged.

I’ve had enough. Even my famous patience has its limits. May you all live forever.

From a certain point of view, I can see why she might have come to the conclusion I’m either looking for the wrong kind of attention or planning suicide. I can assure you neither of them are true. Sometimes in conversation I’ll phrase things in a way that is meant to have muliple meanings. The above statement is no such case. It is exactly what it says. I decided two years ago I’d had it with Facebook and stopped using it cold turkey. Then some hipster went on CNN early last year saying “Anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook account or doesn’t regularly update their Facebook page has something to hide.”

Guess that means anyone who’s never even heard of Facebook is plotting something then, huh? I’m being sarcastic here but hopefuly you get the point: Facebook isn’t the world. Facebook has only been around for a few years. Not only that, last year we found out it’s not even porfitable. Facebook’s a joke, hence why I stopped using it.Having 5,000 Facebook friends doesn’t make you rich. Except for City Year’s Vice President and Dean of Operations Charlie Rose, I don’t know ANYONE who personally knows EVERY SINGLE PERSON on their Facebook Friends List. Charlie Rose actually DOES know everyone on his Friends List personally because he only adds people he knows personally. And he’s just awesome.

Getting back on topic, some can easily make the arguement it’s my own fault my Facebook experience sucked or it’s my own fault folks don’t pay me any mind online as much as offline if not more offline. As I hinted at in the statement above socially I am very lacking. Most of it’s intentionally my own doing and for reasons that I’ve elected to take to the grave with me I’d rather not go into detail as to why I’ve chosen to be socially aloof. I have my reasons and I’d prefer to leave it at that. If you were waiting for an expanded explaination that’s it.

One other thing I want to say so that we’re all on the same page: I know all too well anything put on the internet is prettymuch impossible to take back–more so when it involves social media sites like Facebook. That’s why you saw such strong postings from me in the last third of 2012 especially after I closed my You Tube channel. I had to. As I’ve said many times, I own up to what I do with my internet life. When I get caught I don’t hide behind my internet identity. Given all of you know what I look like I like to say I try to exercise personal responsability online. No, that’s not the only reason I’ve divulged very personal information myself. It’s related to why I shut down my You Tube channel. I have enemies online. Annoying, pesky enemies who are very childish and have nothing better to do with themselves. The way I see it, the damage from “outing myself” is nothing compared to a complete stranger who doesn’t know me like most of you know me broadcasting things that don’t concern them.

Based on that logic I can say I haven’t done anything omline I wouldn’t want someone to find out. I’ve already gone public multiple times with my attraction to pregnant women and that would certainly qualify, hehe. Unlike some folks who would just talk the talk I go all the way. Having said that, feel free to ask me anything.

Oh! One more thing: Anyone who knows Greek history should get the historical Spartan meaning of the words “May You Live Forever.” To a Spartan, nothing is more glorious than dying in battle. Long life is considered a curse, more so if you’ve comitted dishonorable deeds. The only way to redeem yourself in Spartan society is to die honorably. The reason is as long as you’re alive you have to remember the shame and dishonor.

That’s the reason I chose to end that statement with those words.  I do my Social Media obligation on Facebook and was ignored. I’m not doing lip service anymore. I live my internet life on my own terms.

EDIT 1/13/2013: Having said that yes I removed a paragraph from the original posting. At the urging of a few people whose opinions I trust I removed it. If you knew what it was about that’s fine but from now on it’s omitteed from this blog post.


2 responses to “I Rarely Issue Retractions BUT…

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  1. Hey point of fact I do know all 400 of my friends on facebook. I have met them all and enjoy speaking with them. LOL

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