What Happened to my You Tube Account   Leave a comment

I closed my You Tube Account myself.

I originally drafted this message on December 10 but decided to wait a bit before putting out a statement.

The reason I had to do it, not the fact that I did it is what bothers me more than anything. As I mentioned in two of my videos last month, I have multiple Internet Identities. The two I use the most are Aurabolt and Brendan2k5. The third I’m known by in a few circles is Victor Bravo. It is a select few who know me as Victor Bravo who have chosen to attack my main account on You Tube with trolling messages and mass-disliking every video I upload. It is obvious they subscribed to me on You Tube specifically for this reason.

After putting up with it for a month I’ve decided to remove myself from You Tube. The person(s) who forced me to do this only care about themselves. They only care about satisfying their egos even though I’ve made it clear I want nothing to do with them and they still came after me. There are some lines common sense dictates you just don’t cross. These people obviously do not care.

I will return to You Tube but it will not be anytime soon. I don’t want to broadcast exactly when I’m going to relaunch my You Tube Channel but it will return. I may or may not announce when it’s back up when I do it. I have all 60 of my videos on my desktop and all except the dated ones will be back. If the troll’s intention was to push me off You Tube they failed. I know how this works, hence why I decided to pull the plug abruptly. After a while they’ll lose interest and move on to someone else.

The only hardcore Internet Troll ever to earn my respect is Lance Davis, known as Poe on TPPC. If you want to know why, go to TPPC’s Forums and ask him =D

Update 12/15/2012

I have to admit I waas sorely tempted put out a video statement on You Tube regarding the Shooting in New Town but I wanted to prove to myself I could keep my word. No matter what I said, if I went back on my word I’d lose credability with my audience. I have posted two blogs already on the subject and have a few more in mind in the days ahead.

Update 1/25/2012

As of today my community problems have been resolved. This post has been edited to reflect this.

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