A New King of You Tube has been Crowned!   Leave a comment

His name is PSY.

Justin Bieber’s Baby: 804,604,070

Psy’s Gangnam Style:  815,197,646

Don’t take my word for it here is a link to You Tube’s Top 5. Should go nicely with the OTHER World Record he picked up earlier this month. Yes, you can get into Guinness thanks to You Tube. I’ve been put on notice!

I doubt Gangnam Style can be stopped anytime soon. Considering how quickly it stormed to the top of You Tube in five months its popularity will only continue to grow. It also begs the question as to weather Psy will try to repeat with a new song and dance or keep this a one-hit wonder. The latter would be the safer route given Michael Jackson spent 20 years trying to repeat the smash success of Thriller.

I forgot to include this in my last post about PSY but here is a Link to the Lyrics in Korean and the song translated to English.


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