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It’s been a month, I know. I’ve given it some thought and I’ve decided to create a couple of new blogs that will focus on a few subjects. Don’t worry, I will link to them all from this blog.

Here are the proposed blogs:

  • Aurabolt’s Anime Blog: This blog will focus on Anime just like the Anime Section of the Main Site. I will only cover Anime I’m familiar with so be wary of that. There will be linkage to my Anime Planet Profile.
  • Aurabolt’s Game Blog: This blog will focus on Video Games just like the Video Games Section of the Main site. I have all of the current-gen systems except the Vita and will cover news and info about games for them. There will be linkage with my Twitter account on this one.
  • Aurabolt’s Fanfiction: This blog will focus on my Fanfics. I will announce updates to my stories here and request additional feedback as well. There will be linkage to my Profile.
  • The Order of the Light: This blog will follow the exploits of my WoW Guild on Cairne Alliance. I’ve been with the guild for 2 years now and have decided to commit our exploits to word.

That’s it. Everything else will be covered in this blog. I will roll out the blogs themselves either later this week or sometime early next week. Well, except my Fanfiction Blog. That one will be created later today =O

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