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I’ve been out of the hospital for about two weeks now though I’m sure most of you already know that from my almost daily blog postings. Some of them were actually drafted while I was in the hospital XD

Anywho, it goes without saying much of what I had planned for the summer is out the window. I have about 4 and a half weeks before I’m expected to report to work. Assuming I am assigned to the same school of course. I have been looking at Financial Aid at Northeastern University and Bunker Hill Community College in the last few days. The plan is to be enrolled by September and have my employment status resolved by August 15. That means more than one thing but at this point I don’t want to say any more than that. As I said to a few folks over the last three months, I’m making the effort to do the things I tell people I’m going to do instead of just talking about it ^_^

As for how I’m doing otherwise, I’ll be ok. I feel like I need to extend my downtime into November seeing as I know I won’t get much time to myself for the next few weeks XD


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I’ve experienced both over the last few days and the strongest way imaginable. For those who don’t follow me on Facebook, I was hospitalized on Tuesday at Boston’s Faulkner Hospital. Due to the reasons for my hospitalization and the fact that I’m still there for the unforseeable future right now, I’m not ready to talk about why I’ve been hospitalized right now.

Just wanted to let everyone know why they probably won’t hear from me again for at least the next week and a half. I am also in need of money to help with my recovery when I’m released. If you are able you all know I only accept PayPal for online transactions. The Button is in the top and bottom of this page. Click the link, type in any amount and hit send.

I hope I can count on your support financially, emotionally and otherwise.


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On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson died. He was 50 years old.

The five years since The King of Pop’s sudden death stunned the world saw the release of a Movie (Michael Jackson’s This Is It), A video game on multiple consoles (The Michael Jackson Experience) and two new Albums (Michael and Xscape). Only a month after his death, Michael Jackson surpassed Elvis Presley to become the richest dead musician in history. Yet another record he broke that will likely ever be surpassed.

As many of you know, I am a lifetime fan of his music and have nothing but respect for the man behind the music. As many people all over the world take a moment to remember the King of Pop, now more than ever his music is a great source for inspiration.

Here is my Top 20 list of songs meant to inspire with the Album they come from in parentheses. I was originally going to only list 10 but let’s face it, that wouldn’t be enough XD

  1. Human Nature (Thriller)
  2. They Don’t Really Care About Us (HIStory: Past, Present and Future)
  3. Man in the Mirror (Bad)
  4. Jam (Dangerous)
  5. Heal the World (Dangerous)
  6. Black or White (Dangerous)
  7. Will You Be There (Dangerous)
  8. Gone Too Soon (Dangerous)
  9. Keep the Faith (Dangerous)
  10. History (HIStoryL Past, Present and Future)
  11. Speechless (Invincible)
  12. Cry (Invincible)
  13. Hold My Hand (Michael)
  14. Keep Your Head Up (Michael)
  15. Best of Joy (Michael)
  16. A Place With No Name – Both Versions (Xscape: Deluxe Edition)*
  17. Love Never Felt So Good – Both Versions (Xscape: Deluxe Edition)*
  18. You Are Not Alone/I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (Immortal)
  19. Planet Earth/Earth Song (Immortal)
  20. Never Can Say Goodbye (Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection and Jackson 5: Anthology)

* Only the Deluxe Album has both versions of this song. The Standard Version only has the remixes.

Let’s be honest: All of his songs are inspiring. This playlist in and of itself…whew.

In a separate blog post we will explore so of Michael Jackson’s more…forboding songs. It’s sure to be interesting ^_^




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I edited my last post so you can consider this a followup to that.


So basically, I received a memo at work from BPS Headquarters stating I would continue on at my current position starting September 2, 2014. Unlike the last 5 times I received this memo there was a catch attached to this one: Depending on what happens between now and then, my assignment may not be guaranteed. My opinion of the matter aside for a moment, there are two facts I want to share first:

  1. As of right now, Boston Public Schools is still looking for a new Superintendant. At the time the previous Superintendent left, the previous mayor of Boston announced he would not seek another term, which set off the election to replace him. The position of Superintendent is a politically appointed position–one usually made by the city’s mayor. Due to this, prospective candidates decided to wait until the new mayor was elected–in this case Martin “Marty” Walsh–before making a bid for the position. As of right now, Boston Public Schools does not have a permanent Superintendant.
  2. As a side-effect to the transition between mayors, almost everyone working at BPS Headquarters was let go (read: Fired) though some were offered their old positions back. This has had a ripple effect to the schools themselves, many of which are still adapting or recovering from the changes made by the previous administration. One sad outcome from this is as of right now, there are 263 Boston teachers unassigned to a school or classroom. These teachers are stuck in limbo and it is of no fault of their own.

My situation is similar to the last part of Point 2 and it’s the second time in three years I’ve been in this position. There are a few differences from both their situation and the last time I was in this position. For one, the last time I was in this position my position had been cut in half two years prior. Finding out my position was being eliminated from the school’s budget (along with another staff member’s) didn’t surprise me at all. Yes, I was upset but I wasn’t surprised. Another difference between then and now is this time I currently occupy a full-time position at my current school. Before, I was part-time.

Another thing that makes then different from now is unlike back then, I feel like where I am now my evaluator didn’t let their personal feelings effect their role as my evaluator. Of that there there is no doubt. It’s not as easy as it sounds to separate your personal feelings for someone you’ve come to know for two years from doing what’s expected of you as a school administrator and doing an impartial evaluation of someone you’ve come to know during that time. There’s more I’d like to say but before I do, there’s a conversation I need to have with someone first. It wouldn’t feel right if I spoke on what I have in mind until then.

One thing that is the same from both then and now–and I don’t mind saying this knowing there’s a 50% chance I will be back in the fall–is in both cases, my evaluator had mostly positive things to say about my candor and my interactions with staff, families and students. My attention to detail and work ethic are obvious from the moment I step into the building to the moment I leave at the end of the day.

It comes natural to me so, I don’t even think about it anymore. In this case the “it” being just being kind to people. I’ve heard it so many times over the last 14 years professionally, it’s like a broken record. The flip side to this is when the topic comes to weather or not my skillset fits with the needs of the school, historically from my perspective, things tend to get murky. Before I continue I do wish to stress I want to say I mean my entire career working at BPS and not just this past school year and the previous school year:

  • On the one hand, at all three of my schools certain things were verbally promised. Things ranging from consistent time to lesson plan with my classroom partner to opportunities to fine-tune things identified as what I need to work on to training for working with students with specific types of special needs. At all three schools, most of these opportunities are offered as external workshops or courses, which is fine for an overview but not as helpful for the specific type of support one might need. Only at my current school was lesson-planning with my classroom partner actually common practice and expected.
  • On another hand, I am 3 points shy of having my Associate’s Degree. Technically, the highest level of education I’ve completed is still High School. Like it or not, this is a factor I actually do think about that must be taken into consideration on the subject of bring back next year or let go. While experience is something that should not be taken lightly, other credentials (degrees, licenses, certifications, etc.) should be factored in addition.

That said, it’s been my experience at my first and third (current) schools it’s not so much the lack of the latter of the above itself but really I haven’t been able to prove my particular skillset is beneficial to the school’s needs. That’s the bottom line and the only thing I really care about. Only at my current school did I have someone willing to tell me that. My second school doesn’t apply since I was only there for a year.

That said: One thing many folks outside the industry don’t know about many career Paraprofessionals is they’re prettymuch self-taught. That means they learn the job as they go along. This was the case with me prettymuch but when I started, I also had 5 years prior experience working with children with special needs at a summer camp as well as my two years working in a classroom during the two years I was in City Year.

I’m going to wrap up and do something I’ve never done before and talk about two things very quickly. One of them is for my school community while the other is more general and for everyone. Both of these were originally going to be in my book Aurabolt Unleashed so you might want to pay attention:

The first thing I want to say is I want to make something perfectly clear about my approach when working with students: I exercise restraint during all of my interactions with students. I wasn’t kidding when I said in a YouTube video that when I’m on my own time, I live in the moment. I don’t think about the past or future. Only the present. At work, I have the awareness that what I do or say can be seen as a reflection of the school and do I take this detail very seriously. It’s for this reason I put a mental lock on my big personality to keep my impulsive side under control. At my second school, I told the principal due to my own cognitive disorders I’m always working twice as hard as everyone else to make sure that aspect of me does not impair my judgment.

That said, I have no problem admitting to having done or said some things that looking back, I would have definitely handled differently. Some folks may wonder why I’m so critical of the mistakes or slip-ups I make at work weather it’s pointed out or not. It’s not just because of the things I just mentioned but because historically, when I make a mistake there’s usually a discussion about it and due to what I view as a belief on the person pointing it out that I don’t fully understand what I did or said. I view this as a challenge to my intelligence first and an insult to me as a person second. I’m not saying there can be no discussion but if we’re going to have one, both of us should walk away feeling like the issue was resolved. This past year was the first school year I actually felt that way and that’s saying something.

The other thing I want to say is by nature, I’ve always been more comfortable working with kids than adults. My first job ever at age 16 was working with children with special needs in Boston at a summer camp. Part of it is never really fitting in with folks my own age at the time and the other is not wanting ANY child I worked with to feel left out.

This, ladies and gentlemen is why I’ve done what I’ve done these last 14 years.

I know what it’s like firsthand to be looked at differently because of what I’ve been disagnosed with. All kids with special needs do even if they don’t show it or can’t directly communicate that awareness. It is my firm belief that our job as adults is to help them find their way. Once that understanding is mutually established, you will have earned a permanent spot in that child’s heart. All of the adults who meet this criteria of mine are educators or are current or former City Year members.

One thing I always asked of my teachers when I was in grade school is if he/she would be the one who would recognize, tap and draw out my full potential. Only four teachers can make that claim: Jane Harper (K2 and 1st Grade), Jane Holliman (4th and 5th Grade), Richard Webber (7th, 8th, 9, 10th, 11th and 12th Grade) and Carolyn Tracey (9th-12th Grade).

At the very least, I want it to be said that I did the same for someone. If not, I’ve failed at my life’s work. My life’s work is to inspire people to do the same.

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Edit 6/24/2014: In light of a recent development at work, I edited this post.



Some of you may remember this blog post from last month. As of June 12, my name was not among the announced staff members who will not be back in September. In short, it would be safe to say I will be back at the same school next year. If I wasn’t, I definitely would have known by now so…yeah.

I do want to comment on something I touched on when I edited the above referenced blog post: Due to the unique and important nature of the School where I work, while staffing for next year was being decided I was asked to remove the name of the school from that blog post. I also removed the name of the school from two other blog posts as well. Even though my colleagues at the school knows by now I would never say anything detrimental about the school on my blogs, it was a simple and easy request I was more than happy to oblige.

Now that I am almost certain I have somewhere to return to in September, I have a secret I’ve been keeping from prettymuch everyone until now:


I’ve started the application process at Northeastern University as an Undergraduate. I still have to get my transcript from Mass Bay Community College but other than that, I should have my application for Fall classes submitted by early July. The plan is to take three our four evening courses throughout the week, possibly one or two a day. Unlike Mass Bay, NEU is WAY more accessible and it would be a short commute from work as well.

I still have a few connections at NEU that I hope to exploit come next month to expedite the application process so we’ll see.

As for what I intend to pursue, after I get my Associate’s Degree I’m going to change my Major to Journalsm. I like writing stories and articles and and I also like listening to the life stories of others. After that…well, who knows.

I could go on and on but I think that’s better left to a separate blog post ^_^

Before I forget: The picture at the top was a commission my Artist Friend made for my class. It looks even more impressive in person than it does in that picture. It will bring it to work for the last day of school but I will take it home over the summer for safe keeping. Depending on how things go between now and September it may return to my school.

Review: Godzilla (2014)   2 comments


…The King of the Monsters has returned.

This trailer does little justice in showing just how BIG Gojira (Godzilla in Japanese) is in the 2014 incarnation of the legendary monster.


This one’s a good depiction but isn’t quite there. Here’s the main movie poster:

Now we’re talkin’. If Godzilla looks bigger than he was in the 1998 movie, you’re not imagining things. He’s over twice the size of the 1998 versions. Here’s a size chart I found on Google:

Awesome yet terrifying, yes? 150 Meters is about 500 feet if you need the conversion.

Still not convinced? Here’s Godzilla’s entrance just before he goes to war in San Francisco. I reccommend you play this with the volume turned all the way up =D

And thank goodness Godzilla doesn’t really exist. Otherwise, we’re prettymuch screwed. He makes the T-Rex from Jurassic Park look like a four year old having a temper tantrum and his 1998 self look like a hormonal teenager.

That said, let’s talk about the movie itself.

As another reviewer put it, the humans in Godzilla 2014 were irrelevant to Godzilla. Sure, there were moments where Godzilla’s simple appearance saved some lives but it wasn’t necessarily the intent. In the movie, Professor Serizawa describes The Legendary Gojira (Godzilla) as THE Alpha Predator and may have existed for millions of years. Back in the day, there was much more radiation on the earth’s surface and in the atmosphere. Said radiation was a good source for these monsters. Monsters like the Muto were common and also prey for Godzilla. As radiation levels on Earth’s surface lowered, most died off but some moved underground and fed off the radiation from the Earth’s core.

Fast forward to 1954: The Nuclear Weapons tests were actually concerted efforts by the U.S. and Russia to kill Godzilla. They obviously failed since Godzilla returns 44 years later in 1999. In 1999, tremors herald the soon return of the King of the Monsters yes, and something else entirely. Fast forward to the present day: The Muto pod that had been kept in the ruins of a nuclear power plant in Japan hatches. This Muto–a male with wings–not only feeds on radiation but it can emit an electrical field that knocks out power in whole cities as it moves. To make matters worse, a pregnant female Muto awakens in North America and moves to link up with the male on the west coast. just when it seems all is lost, Godzilla  makes his spectacular entrance in Hawaii.

Godzilla chases after the Male Muto and fights both fo them in San Francisco. Yes, the humans are doing everything they can think of to stop the rampaging monsters (and failing miserably, no surprise) but again, it’s obvious they’re out of their league. It’s as Professor Serizawa says in one scene:

Godzilla is a force of nature, a truly neutral force in the grand scheme of things. At least, that’s how I saw him depicted in this movie. Monsters arose, Godzilla wants to kill said monsters. Godzilla and Winged Muto wreck Honolulu and level most of San Francisco, both Muto are slaughtered by Godzilla. Godzilla sleeps in the middle of the wreckage, wakes up the next morning and returns to the sea. Only one time in the entire movie do you even see Godzilla even LOOK AT a human and that’s before he takes a break during his war with the Muto. I think at that point, Godzilla understood the soldier made sure the Muto he was fighting would be the ONLY ones he’d have to deal with.

Anywho, I give the movie a 10/10. Plus it’s been confirmed there will be a sequel. I SWEAR, I thought of a kid I knew when I worked for Camp Joy when I saw this movie earlier today. He was a hardcore Godzilla fan and I have no doubt he’s seen this movie by now or soon will. What would happen if Godzilla reallt existed? Soneone decided to make a video explaining just that.

Me, I’m pretty sure I’m going to watch Godzilla two more times this summer and buy it when it comes out on Blu-Ray. That’s just speaking for me, though…


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EDIT 5/26/2014 1030PM: At the request of a friend, I have removed the name of my current place of employment from this blog until further notice.


On Friday, I had my annual evaluation with the principal and my classroom partner.

Like I did last year, I will hold off talking about how things went until after staffing for the following school year has been announced internally at work. That will likely happen in the second half of June.

I do not expect my name to be on the list of returning staff.

That said and in light of certain types of conversations that may arise once staffing assignments for the next school year is announced, I thought it was important that I say this now to take the sting out of the formal announcement to come next month.

Despite the emotional roller coaster this year has been both at work and at home, my experience at this amazing school is what I consider a once in a lifetime experience. There is simply nothing like it and probably never will be. Of course, I wish I could have at least one more year but it’s as I’ve said to many of my fellow coworkers I’ve come to know, respect and love both professionally and personally: I will stay only if it’s mutually agreed my particular skill set fits with the needs of the school.

On Friday, we (myself and the principal) agreed that they do not fit the needs of the school at this time.

While I’m fairly certain I will not be asked to come back next year, it’s too early for me to say for sure that’s what’s going to happen. On  the one hand, this is a situation I didn’t prepare for. On the other hand, I feel that this is the best outcome for both me and the school to have reached this point.

It takes alot to be able to admit your present skillset may be insufficient for the needs of your workplace.  I came to that conclusion the year before but I was given another chance in a different setting anyway. The extra opportunity was something I feel I did not allow to go to waste. Come what may happen, when the last day of school is over I will walk out of the school with my head held high.

Anyway, that’s as far as I’m going to share until things are decided and eventually announced at work. Until that happens, this is all I’m going to say on the subject.


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